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How to refill ink toner cartridges in easy steps

How to refill ink toner cartridges in easy steps

Partsbaba is committed to bring updated new and innovative solutions. Service with care is our tagline and as our youTube channel is giving hands on solutions to technical people. Here are few tips about how to refill ink toner cartridges

Printer manufacturers usually do not instruct customers on how to refill a toner cartridge in hopes that you will simply buy a new replacement cartridge. However, adding toner to a laser printer on your self is an inexpensive and easy way alternative to purchasing a New toner cartridges
. So, here you will learn how to refill Toner cartridges
at home without any problem.
Before starting up with refilling make sure that you have proper work place because refilling is kind of messy work. Try to place a newspaper or a towel on a flat surface before starting refilling so that you can save your work place from a mess.

Lets Start:


Firstly purchase the type of Toner powder which is compatible with your toner cartridge.

Now there are many types of toner powder with different chemical composition and weight in grams. A quick advice for you people is to find toner with specific models, universal toner powders may ruin you cartridge blades. So make sure your toner powder is nit universal.


locate the holding tank of your cartridge

so there is a holding tank kind of thing in your cartridge which is filled with toner powders. This tank is closed with a cap. So remove that cap an clear out all the leftover powder before pouring fresh powder.


Start adding toner powder

Now just start adding toner powder into that tank directly. Try to do it in dry place so that powder will not catch moisture.

Start shaking cartridge

Shake the cartridge lightly from side by side (side to side), holding horizontally, to ensure even distribution of powder. Reinstall the cartridge in your printer.

Replace cartridge chip

Some printers will not working after powder refilling unless a new smart chip fuse is install.
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– Close the tank properly after refilling otherwise lines will come on page

– Before buying any Toner cartridges or powder check the page output to save money

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