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How to Handle Ink Toner Cartridges

How to Handle Ink Toner Cartridges

Partsbaba is committed to bring updated new and innovative solutions. Service with care is our tagline and as our youTube channel is giving hands on solutions to technical people. Here are few tips about handling your ink toner cartridges.

How to fix a dry ink cartridge in Printer?
Dry ink cartridges will completely stop your printing while in many cases you will need to replace the entire cartridge. It is recommended to regularly used printer at-least once in a week so nozzles of ink cartridges don’t get blocked.
What are the Main Causes ink to dry up

Rarely use

If People who use their printers only rarely will find that cartridges dry up Immediately and can easily become Choke as a result. This can be reduced by printing more Regularly and ink tests to ensure the nozzles remain clean.

Cartridges have expiry
Many people are not aware that printer cartridges have expiry dates and If using them after this date can lead to problems with printing. We are Commonly advise to never store cartridges longer than 1 Year to avoid any issue, and make sure to store them in cool Place, Stay away from direct sunlight.

Manually refilling cartridges
If this is done Wrongly  it can lead to air getting into the cartridge, drying up the ink and Choking nozzle heads.
Stored near radiators or in warm rooms
Always ensure that your printer is kept in a Warm  room. The performance of the cartridges can BE affect by Room Temperature   .

How to fix a dry ink cartridge

1: Run print-head cleaning in your printer settings
This choice can be accessed through your computer or as a feature on the printer itself. If you’re uncertain how to do this your user manual should give you guidance. You’ll likely need to run this 4-5 times.
2: Soak the cartridge
Take Out the cartridge from the printer. Put the cartridge in a bowl of warm water so that the printer head is immersed.
For High blockages you might want to soak a cotton bud in the warm water and rub it across the area of the cartridge where the ink comes out. Extract from the water when ink starts flowing. Use a paper towel or lint free cloth to clean the nozzles dry and place them in the printer.
If you are Generally B dried ink cartridges it might be worth buying a more suitable printer where the print-head is built into the ink cartridge.

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